It Is/ Was Monday, What am I Reading…

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So, I’ve always loved reading the book meme “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading” which I first started following on Jen Vincent’s blog Teach Mentor Texts. I thought this was a great idea as a way to share titles as well as to set goals. This is something I would like to try with kids maybe using Kidblog. We’ll see how that goes!

I know I am an hour or so after the “Monday” deadline but I would rather post this late than never because I am notorious for getting myself off the hook!

So, here goes my list (it’s still summer/no school so it will be a long one!):

Fiction Picture Books:

Sock Monkey Boogie-Woogie A Friend is Made by Cece Bell

Bee Wigged by Cece Bell

Sock Monkey Rides Again by Cece Bell

Oh No! Not Again! (Or How I Built A Time Machine To Save History) (Or At Least My History Grade) by Mac Barnett Illustrated by Dan Santat

Nonfiction Picture Books:

The Cart That Carried Martin by Eve Bunting Illustrated by Don Tate

Noisy Paint Box: The Colors and Sounds of Kandinsky’s Abstract Art by Barb Rosenstock Illustrated by Mary Grandpre

Clara and Davie: The True Story of Young Clara Barton by Patricia Polacco

Lifetime: The Amazing Numbers in Animal Lives by Lola Schaefer Illustrated by Christopher Silas Neal

Little Dog Lost by Monica Carnesi

The Case of the Vanishing Honeybees: A Scientific Mystery by Sandra Markle

The Farewell Symphony by Anna Harwell Celenza Illustrated by JoAnn E. Kitchel

Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence by Gretchen Woelfle Illustrated by Alix Delinois

The Tapir Scientist: Saving South America’s Largest Mammal by Sy Montgomery Photographs by Nic Bishop

Stronger Than Steel: Spider Silk DNA and the Quest for Better Bulletproof Vests, Sutures and Parachute Rope by Bridget Heos Photographs by Andy Comins

Flight of the Honey Bee by Raymond Huber Illustrated by Brian Lovelock

Northwest Passage by Stan Rogers Illustrated by Matt James

Underworld: Exploring the Secret World Beneath Your Feet by Jane Price Illustrated by James Gulliver Hancock

Graphic Novels:

Into the Volcano by Don Wood

Marble Season by Gilbert Hernandez

Wonderland by Tommy Kovac and Sonny Liew

Copper by Kazu Kibuishi

Little White Duck: A Childhood in China by Na Liu and Andres Vera Martinez

The Flying Beaver Brothers and The Mud-Slinging Moles by Maxwell Eaton III

Kit Feeney: On the Move by Michael Townsend

The Fog Mound: Travels Thelonious by Susan Schade and Jon Buller

The Wizard of Oz Adapted by Ben Caldwell

Binky: License to Scratch by Ashley Spires

Ariol: Happy as a Pig by Emmanuel Guibert and Marc Boutavant


Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes by Jonathan Auxier

The Night Gardener by Jonathan Auxier

The Map Trap by Andrew Clements

OK, folks. That’s a total of 31 books. As of now, I have read completely 9 of them and started 2. I hope I reach my goal because books are due back to library Thursday and I have the #vbcbooks chat next Monday to be prepared for- I can’t wait! I noticed that I have a lot of NF in this list so that is awesome! And thanks to Sara Ralph and her blog Ralph Reads, she inspired me to check out the graphic novel section at the public library-I didn’t even realize there was a specific section! Now I know where I’m heading every trip to check out the huge selection offered to help me decide which ones to purchase for the classroom.

OK, I better get readin’!


El Deafo by Cece Bell-5 Spark Share

5 Spark Share

I don’t know how I got to be a lucky, lucky reader this week but I did. I was leaving my house and my other half takes out a package that looks like a book. I have already come clean about my addiction to books so he was none-too-thrilled that there was yet another book in the mailbox. However, I was confused because I knew that I didn’t have one coming. What could it be?? EL DEAFO!!! To the rescue! I jumped up and down and felt an overwhelming sense of “I won the lottery!” I was ecstatic to say the least. I read the book that day and tweeted my love for it. Now, it is my first book that I am doing my “5 Spark Share” that will be my structure for sharing books with readers. I hope you enjoy the post and if not, I know you will enjoy the book!


5 Quotes/Lines that Struck Me:

“It’s been two weeks since the hospital. Just because I can’t hear good doesn’t mean I can’t look good.” “That’s the dumbest question I ever–wait a minute! Here’s my chance to get out of this!” “Best-or worst-of all, I can even hear Mrs. Lufton when she USES THE BATHROOM!” [cackle] “Oh, why do I even care what other people think.” “Sixty-four seconds! I am El Deafo! I am a champion!” [I love the grittiness Cece shows her PE teacher. Nothing like proving disbelieving people wrong!]

4 Things I Adored about this Book:

I loved the progression from 4 year old Cece to the tween Cece and the trials and tribulations in between. I adored Cece’s love for wearing bathing suits and being true to herself. In this same area, I loved that she was honest with the struggle of knowing who she is and feeling the pressures of fitting in. I loved the *crush* and her thinking/thoughts about it and the power of the rosette! I loved the realness and honesty displayed in the story and the “A Note from the Author” at the end.

3 Types of Readers I Think Will Be Sparked:

Readers who love Graphic Novels! Readers that loved Smile and Drama by Raina Telegmeier will absolutely love El Deafo! Readers who are going through uncomfortable growing pains (which is life!) and need to know that they are not alone and will turn out fine!

2 Connections I Made:

The word “macaroni” that is also in the book Cece Bell illustrated with husband, Tom Angelberger Crankee Doodle. I know it is a small thing but I didn’t say my connections were going to change the world. I just love that both books have macaroni in it. It is a fancy word. I also found a connection to my all-time favorite book, The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. It is a short snippet but enough to give it away to those that know and love that book- and it is during read-aloud time (my favorite part of my teaching day)!

1 Good Reason to Go Read It Right NOW:

Well, I know that the book isn’t released until September 2, 2014 but the minute you get it, read it because it is a gem. You will wish you were friends with El Deafo. You will feel like hugging the book because you probably can’t hug Cece when you finish and trust me, you will want to hug the book. It is a 5-hug book!

Thank you to Abrams books for sending an ARC my way! It was the best surprise ever!