Monday Reading + New Book Tuesday Mash-Up

Monday Reading

So, one post is better than nothing, right?!

As far as my plans for this week’s reading, I have to include my new purchases!

Weekly reading plans:

* Finish Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo- I know, I know. I’ve been putting it off because I know I’m going to love it and not want it to end. I know you’ve done this, too my nerdy friends!

* Finish A Year Without Autumn by Liz Kessler. I started this as a part of the #vbcbooks (Virtual Book Club) and fell asleep and missed the chat. I will read the archive when I finish the book!

* Finish Fleabrain Loves Franny by Joanne Rocklin. Sigh. I love this book. I wrote about this book in my last post and I really did decide to do a book club featuring this book along with Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White and Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio by Peg Kehret. I think this will be a nice mixture of fiction and nonfiction and probably cause some inquiry projects to be started…

* Read The Red Pencil by Andrea Davis Pinkney- So this is a new book purchase and I just started reading it ten minutes ago and it is SOOOOOO good. I hope that I can read this one with my fifth graders (we read A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park last year as a read-aloud) as I know they will love it HOWEVER, it was in the New Teen Fiction at Barnes & Noble so I’m a little worried. Fingers crossed that I can read it!

* I also plan on reading The Gorilla Doctors by Pamela S. Turner and The Watcher by Jeanette Winter to spark our research unit and focus in on scientists’ characteristics of observation and determination to really research and share with the world with my class.

* We are also reading The Fourteenth Goldfish by Jennifer L. Holm AND One for the Murphys by Linda Mullaly Hunt for the Global Read-Aloud #GRA14. Yep. I couldn’t pick between the two. I love them both. Can’t have favorites, right??

NEW Book Tuesday- What’s going in my classroom library this week:
-The Red Pencil by Andrea Davis Pinkney–had to get this book ASAP due to tweets that were happening about it plus loved A Long Walk to Water and thought this will be a good companion.

-The Rat by Elise Gravel- I absolutely think this series is awesome and hilarious and I was so excited to see the disgusting rat as the new critter being featured. My kids love them and I know we will be using these as mentor texts for our research mentioned above!

-pack of dorks by Beth Vrabel–I have not heard anything about this on any blog or tweet (unless I missed it because I do get overwhelmed!) but I saw origami animals and the title had the word “dork” so I pretty much felt like I needed to get it. Plus, on the back there are all of these quotes from authors that remind me of books like Wonder, Out of My Mind, Absolutely Almost, Mockingbird, … So, I’m taking a chance and I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed!

Aw, Nuts! by Rob McClurkan–picture book with a squirrel on the cover. Any of my students know that if it has a squirrel on it, Miss Palmer’s gonna buy it and read it aloud! I guess it’s a thing… Is it the year (or 2 years) of the squirrel?? There sure do seem to be as many books about squirrels as there are running around my back yard or getting themselves stuck in the garbage can with a too-big-piece-of-food-that-won’t-fit-out-of-the-hole-they-gnawed-in-it. Yes, they really did gnaw a hole to go in and out.


Anyway, that’s the plan and those are the new additions to my library. I know I will get a box with a bunch of new releases tomorrow so I’m super pumped about that!! I will just have to beat the UPS man to the door so that I can sneak that lovely package in…

Read on, readers!


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