The Second Library to Spark Readers!


I’m doing it. I’m finally starting my blog. I’ve been gently nudged for about four-ish years to start one. So, I just have to say what I think about books and reading for myself first. Because, when we write, we should, first and foremost, write for ourselves. It’s a gift if you are lucky to have an audience and I hope that I do.

I ask my students to reflect and connect on their reading life, so now I am just taking it to another level. A level in which, I hope, they can read, comment and hopefully be inspired by-even after they have left the physical room at the conclusion of the school year. Because each year, I work hard to build a community. One that respects, reflects and inspires one another. We read. We write. We problem solve. It’s what we do. I want them to have a place to come to that will keep their fire for reading going.

I will write to remember the books I have read and what I thought.

I will write to spark other readers who love books like I do or are maybe just dipping their toes in- students (past, present and future), future teachers, current teachers, people who love to read to their own kids, people who want to just randomly read to kids they don’t know while in the library or bookstore…

I will write so that I can share so that more kids find books that fit them. That turn them into readers or continue to keep their fires burning.

Why the name The Second Library? Well, I have to come clean. I am a book-buyer-aholic. I lovingly refer to them as “bookies.” I LOVE BOOKIES! I love new books. I love old books. I love finding great books at thrift shops. I love bookstores. I love the authors that write the books. I just…… them. I am a book collector. [PS: When you read those last lines, you need to read them excitedly and flap your arms and hands like you are a 6 year old].

As of right now, I have over 4,000 books for my classroom. When the librarian at each of the schools I have taught at come to my room for a book they don’t have, I am called the “Second Library.”

People always comment on how I probably already know about “this book” or that I probably already “own this book” or what is a good book for “this topic” or this “kid”. I am a classroom teacher who doubles as a librarian-in-disguise. I’ve always loved libraries. And librarians. And I wish that I was a real live librarian. I used to play library when I was little and made little paper pockets just like the library books had. I actually still have some books that have those library pockets. I have been building my classroom library even before I had a classroom. I know books are the key to everything. They teach us about the world and about people in our world and worlds imagined.

My hope is to just share that love with all who want to read! Let’s get reading!


What do you think?

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